This is a preview of the first creature of the game to be modeled. I modeled a set of seven creatures – the ones most important for gameplay and story, aside from humans. In this step I’m concentrating on finishing and approving their base anatomy. But I’ve taken the chance to sketch their final look, with fur, materials, textures. These things I’ll post here for the wolf and the other six only for previewing, setting the visual target to go after.

Of course, the realtime fur material will be more limited. I’ll use a fur plugin for UE4 that reaches between 70% to 80% of the quality of the offline render / non-realtime fur used in this post.

But the fur here is not the main thing. Proper anatomy and likeness is what I’m trying to nail down in these first creatures. As always, anatomy, structure and proportion is 90% of “the game” – pun intended.