After experimenting with photogrammetry, despite not being in my plans, I decided to finally learn Substance Designer and try my hand at completely procedural textures, in this case organic. After being struck by the level of realism and organic feel that some amazing texture and material artists like Daniel Thiger, Chris Hodgson, Joshua Lynch and Bradford Smith have been achieving recently in Substance Designer, I decided to try it.

I had only two weeks that I could dedicate  to learn it, but at the end of the first week the results I was achieving, despite being still very rough, were already making my mind. The possibilities are enormous with this software and this kind of procedural approach to texture creation. I was already very happy with Substance Painter, with its design as a software, and now another tool that I delayed learning for a long time is becoming one of my favorites.

My results are still not there yet but it’s easy to see the potential that procedural tools have now they are achieving this level of likeness to organic matters, textures, specially if you think what you can obtain by combining these tools with machine learning. After a lot of thinking and trying to decide beforehand, I guess I’ll end up using a mix of all available approaches: handcrafted + photogrammetry + procedural. 🙁
I’ll go ahead using what seems more appropriate for each task and at the end of this journey I’ll hopefully have a clearer view on the best workflows, the strenghts and weaknesses of each approach.

These cliffs are getting there in terms of what I want for the game rock textures, but there’s still some things to refine, improve.