Just a little update. Still testing texturing workflow, this time using Quixel Suite. I’m still learning the tool – started some 2 days ago. I made this texture to put the shield together with the previous assets and compare the results: procedural versus hand-crafted textures, see if they look integrated, visually. I think it ended up well.

The shield’s textures (including relief / normal map) in the images were completely created using Quixel. I began by creating the normal map (the texture responsible for the impression of relief). Dragons were placed as stencils, modified to fit, spheres, trims etc were all drawn in Photoshop. And the wear, damage in the shield was also hand-placed, with brushes. As with the previous assets, no Zbrush yet – as I said, testing new tools. Also to see how far I could go with Quixel in terms of faking relief.

I think I’m going to use, throughout the game development, a mix of completely hand-crafted textures and procedural tools like Quixel.