Well, the Ataru website is finally online, with a development diary ready to start posting.

This first post is more to inaugurate the development diary than anything else. So, this will be more of a tech update, but also related to level art. As you can see in the images, I’m messing with landscape creation. Learning tools, planning workflows and pipeline for creating the landscapes of the game. As the game is going to be one with huge levels, practically all of them open world style, landscape creation will be an important topic throughout the development of Ataru. And to avoid lots of re-doing, I need early on to establish a standardized and flexible pipeline to use with the whole collections of landscapes I’ll need to create. Working procedurally will help me a lot in this respect. What I’ve been planning to do is to have a mix of procedural creation with the most artistic control I can get over the assets.

These first attempts at making landscapes (mostly terrain elevations for now) are starting to reach a minimum acceptable quality and, hopefully, they will get better and better as I start to make the first actual sceneries for the demo and trailer.